LL-International trade Co.

• Guarantee of best price & quality
• People to People trade
• Our services are based on your needs
• After sales is right on your door for advices
• Representatives in every country we operate in…

Our services in 10 points

1. You want to acquire some products in China.
2. Just contact our local representation.
3. We will send you a quotation to discuss with the representative.
4. If you decide to place an order.
5. Our representative will give you an order form to complete.
6. Order protocol will then be legally validated and 50% of the amount will be paid.
7. Your order arrives at the port of your locality.
8. You are informed by our local representation.
9. Verification of the items / Compliance with specifications: Compliance / Quality.
10.If point 9 is validated by both parties, items remitted under the remaining 50%.
NB: Any item that does not conform to the order specifications will be refunded or
exchanged at our expenses.

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